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The implementation of long-distance money transfer is quite a frequent necessity, arising, both among ordinary citizens and businessmen.

At the same time, everyone wants the funds to be available to the recipient as quickly as possible, the transaction went safely and with minimum commission . Naturally, Sberbank, as one of the leaders of the national financial sector , could not ignore the presence of demand for such a service, and included it in the range. Many people (not only valid customers) choose this organization, because it has the largest number of branches in the country, yes, and the size of the commissions is painfully attractive. Several options. Let's understand the nuances.

The situation is a little more complicated when we want to send money outside this zone. This is a system of interbank settlements in euros, which has been successfully operating in Poland for less than 10 years. Therefore, before we do the translation, we can easily check total cost services. In this case, we have several different payment methods.

Since all more people open to the world, we are more aware of the need to transfer money abroad, which is largely due to the increasing globalization, adds Grazina Chet. The system is primarily a platform for sharing and exchanging financial information in a standardized, safe and reliable way.

If the recipient needs the funds in as soon as possible , you can use the service "BLITZ". The main characteristics of accelerated transfers:

  • limit on the amount: 500,000 rubles / $ 5000;
  • funds are available in 15-60 minutes;
  • commission size 1.5-1.75%, but established and additional limits : min 150 RUR (5 $ / €), max 3000 RUR (100 $ / €).

The sender must apply to any of the branches of Sberbank of Russia. You should have money, passport, preferably TIN, as well as the recipient. After filling out the application and transferring the required amount, the cashier issues a receipt containing control number translation. You can pick up money at any branch, but the recipient must present an identity document, as well as correctly specify the digital code.

The condition for participation is to have a bank account of the sender of the message and its recipient. This network structure gives you 100% confidence that the translation will reach specified bank regardless of the country in which he works. This is not an unlimited solution. The main source of funds directly derived from the structure of the system is often a large number of intermediaries. The situation is further complicated if they carry out calculations in different currencies . In this case, our transfer takes a very difficult route, during which it can be exchanged several times, which leads to a significant increase in the cost of the entire operation.

Sberbank users @ yn users

The task is greatly simplified if both parties (the sender-receiver) are valid customers of this banking institution . Via personal internet account the operation can be performed in 5 minutes and for free. No need to go anywhere. It is enough to have the necessary amount of money on the account and know the number of the account / card of the recipient. The procedure is as follows:

Therefore, with small quantities, for example, tens of thousands, final cost The transfer may even be a multiple. However, it should be noted that with smaller quantities these rates may increase. “However, it is possible to share transfer costs between the payer and the beneficiary, so each of them covers only part of the fees,” explains Gracina Chetam.

How to use this system? - We can make the appropriate order directly in the branch of the bank, where the consultant will perform the entire operation on our behalf. However, it is worth remembering that the vast majority of financial institutions operating in the Polish market allow for the transfer abroad in electronic banking system that is cheaper and more convenient than visiting a branch of a bank, says Grazyna Chetam. - We do not need to have a special account in foreign currency “Just our main personal account in zloty,” he adds.

  1. choose the option “make money transfer”,
  2. fill in all the necessary lines
  3. enter the SMS code.

Regular cash transfer in Sberbank

If there is no need for a special rush, then you can transfer money in the standard way which is characterized by the following parameters:

  • no restrictions on the amount;
  • currency - only RUR;
  • transfer period - up to 2 days;
  • commission size 1.75%, additional limits: from 50 RUR to 2000 RUR.

In order to transfer funds, the sender must present his own passport and provide the recipient's details.

Make the transfer in this system is very simple. There are banks and financial institutions . Bank customers do not carefully review contracts before signing. The same goes for banking rules and enrollment tables and commissions. It is hard to be surprised - they are often overloaded with information and written in small fonts. It is easy to miss some of the costs that can be very expensive later. That is why we have compiled a subjective summary of fees and commissions of various banks, about which customers cannot even know.

Choosing account more often, we look at how much it will cost us to open and hold it, Internet transfers, debit card and use of ATMs. When searching for a loan, we are most interested in interest rates and installments. Rarely do we go into details, and we carefully study all possible commissions and commissions.

If money is credited to a card or an account of Sberbank, then the commission is not charged, and the transfer period is reduced to 24 hours.

Often before each of us there is the problem of transferring money to another city. In our time, the solution of such issues does not take much time. Today exist different ways performing this operation, each of which has its own positive and negative sides , therefore, each person can choose the most convenient and suitable option money transfer. Let's try to figure out which translation method is the most optimal?

However, if we look at them more closely, it turns out that banks often charge a fee, which may surprise us. Either by sensitivity or height. There are a lot of them - we chose 10, which we think should be paid for. Special attention . We represent them by classifying from 10 to 1.

If our card is stolen or lost, we must reserve it as soon as possible - most time we do not pay for it. A card is reserved, for example, if last limit within 6 months the card transaction was kept at zero. " This means that if we do not use our card for six months, the bank will take it and pay. Change loan repayment schedule.

Money transfer systems

First, find out what are the options money transfer exist at all. This may be a postal or telegraphic transfer, which, unfortunately, "eats" the commission in the amount of 8-20% of the amount sent to another city. Transfer a certain amount in Russia it will take about 2 days, it is also not always convenient, also for the operation, you must specify the passport data of the person receiving the currency. The mail has strict limits on the amount of transfer, and this is also not always convenient. Due to such subtleties, postal orders are less and less in demand among the population.

Also exist bank transfers The commission of which is much less than the postal one and makes up only 1-4% of the amount. But this method is not entirely convenient, since the process of receiving money on the recipient’s account can take up to two weeks.

A cash loan must be repaid on a regular basis, this is obvious, just as a bank can punish us in recent times . However, high commissions can also be paid for “changing the loan repayment schedule”. If, for example, we change jobs, and the date when we get our salary will be postponed for one week, then we will have to postpone the day when we return the loan to another, preferably as close as possible to salary.

Our bank stops responding to our needs? Did we find best bank in another bank and would like to transfer your existing bank account? Maybe we will not pay for it. Banks pay dearly, if they think too early, they liquidate their accounts.

There are also systems instant translation money one of these systems Western Union For 10 years now it has firmly taken the leading positions in the translation market. One of the significant advantages of this company is the absence of any transfer fee.

Russian translation systems

Higher listed methods actively used in Russia. But the system is more popular with people. Western transfer Union, since the money reaches the desired place within 10-15 minutes. The services of this company are provided by almost all banks of Russia, so you can easily transfer funds to the right place in a short period of time.

On the territory of Russia also provides translation services Money Unistream, which was established under the control of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In Unistream you can make both address and addressless transfers. Also in the offices of the company, you can receive moneyman transfers, simply fill out an application on the company's website, and after approval, the money will arrive within 10 minutes.

A certificate of our debt. Sometimes it happens that having a mortgage or other credit commitment , we need a certificate of state of our debt. It seems nothing is easier. All you have to do is go to the bank where we should get it without any problems. This should not take too much time, but the data does not change. We need a small printout from the system. However, this simple document will also pay us.

Access to your account history is fundamental. If we have an account with Internet access properly at any time, we can view our income and expenses in the period of interest to us. However, if we do not have this option, we must prepare for the big expenses. The fee for each month is respectively 5 and 6 zł. Change your account type to save your account number.

Change your account type to save your account number

It is worth mentioning the money transfer system "CONTACT", in which the commission for the transfer is in the range from 0.5 to 3%. If a it comes about large amounts then it decreases to 1%. With the help of the system, it is possible to receive or repay the mini-loan in many cities of Russia.

Since 2003, began its work payment system " gold Crown ”, Which attracts its customers with low transfer fees - from 0.5%. Funds are quickly received by the recipient, they can be sent to many banks and retail chains.

Our bank has introduced a new account, and it is better than the previous one? Change our current account While keeping the current number, it should not be difficult, because it is the same bank. It can not be hard, but not cheap. Borrowing fee with bank card . This is probably one of the most controversial fees that banks represent. Borrowing a car loan in the bank as a pledge, we usually have to leave the car card. If we have to correct the data in the registration book, we will need it.

Balance check at an ATM. Usually, when we talk about payments for using ATMs, we mean the cost of withdrawing cash from non-bank objects. However, we must remember that the bank may also charge a fee for other activities.

What you need to transfer money?

Before choosing a transfer system, pay attention to the size of tariffs, the time of sending and delivery of money and the availability of an office of receipt in the city you need.

To carry out the operation, you must provide a passport, a certificate of legal origin of the money and a completed application stating the purpose of the transfer and Security Question . For security, a bank employee will specify the recipient's full name and phone number.

If we incorrectly fulfill the transfer order, it will usually not be executed. However, there are banks that charge a high commission for our mistake. Therefore, if we send someone money abroad, it is better not to make a mistake. Banks love to remind their customers about the money they owe us. Moreover, for each such reminder they pay themselves. It may happen that phone calls will be received before the arrival of the letter. Of course, we will pay for both of these events. Moreover, for one settlement period the bank can send us up to two letter invitations and make 4 warnings.

Paperwork and applications for sending money will not take you much time. But under such convenient conditions for sending money, there are still some limitations: for example, you cannot send more than $ 2000 a day, you also cannot transfer business activities . Also, a waiver is guaranteed in cases where money is transferred for the purchase of real estate.

The cost of one phone from an employee of this institution is 6 zł, and we will be charged a fee, even if we do not pick up the phone! We have presented only 10 strange fees and commissions, which allow banks to increase their income. If we all checked the table of fees and commissions of our bank, he would undoubtedly find more interesting charges that might surprise us, scare us, or even make us laugh. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get around them, and also to read the documents that we assume.

How much can it cost to send money with an error, Ms. Agnieszka convinced. He lives in the UK. Mrs. Agnieszka felt deceived. She was expecting the return of this difference, but the bank rejected the complaint, explaining that she only fulfills the client’s order in accordance with its content. “The client’s responsibility is to verify the correctness of the transmitted data,” the bank explained. Money returned to the country, but not immediately.

According to the editors of, the payment system is often affordable and fast way money transfer.

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